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About our portal

The official Internet-portal of Beryoza executive committee is a state information resource, providing the notification of Beryoza district executive committee activity in the global computer network Internet as well as additional information about Beryoza in general.

Our site is accessible 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year in all the regions of the word in several languages.

The Information about the social-economic development of Beryoza is widely presented on the Internet-portal. Some sites such as «One window», «The Reception of people», «Labour Exchange», «Free ground areas», give much useful and necessary information nowadays. They are considered to be most actual subjects nowadays.

It's possible to get acquainted with the best investment proposal in the section of «Investments».

«Tourism» section will tell our visitors about the most interesting tourist places of Beryoza district, it's local sights, a video-film «Beryoza Tourist» in several languages for detail acquaintance with our region.

All the main news of Beryoza district is placed on our site according to the principle «today for today». It mares possible to keep our visitors informed in the latest news of the district wherever they are.

You can leave your voice in our monthly questionnaire.

A big fotogallery will acquaint the visitors of the site with the bright and memorable moments from the life of the district.

Every interested person can leave his recall about our Internet-portal in a quest book.

We shall do our best to make our portal the most visitable and interesting for our visitors.

Head of Ideological Work Department
H.N. Kurylovich