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Health care

The prioroty of health care in Bereza district is providing qualitative and accessible medical care. 630 hospital beds (30 in Malech nursing hospital) with 24-hour stay were placed in the district in 2011.

Outpatient care is rendered in 26 specialities and the volume of its support in the calculation for the population served is constantly increasing. There are day hospitals in all the outpatient departments of the villages, which helps the villagers to get necessary treatment without leaving their usual environment.

For the time being the following medical facilities have been either repaired or reconstructed: Malech territorial hospital, Peski, Sokolovo, Sporovo, Mezhdulesie outpatient departments, Borki, Revyatichi, Kabaki, Zditovo, Narutovichi, Bronnaya Gora medical attendant obstetrical departments. Pervomaisk outpatient department is under construction. Construction and repair works  are being carried on in Selets territorial hospital and Strigin medical attendant obstetrical department.

Within 8 months of 2010 654,2 mln roubles of the local budget was used for major repairs and other construction in Pervomaisk outpatient department, 25 mln roubles – in Bereza  central district hospital. Within 8 months of 2010 469,4 mln roubles was spent on maintenance, 234,3 mln roubles of them in village medical departments.

According to the equipment  table, the equipment for the rural health care was purchased for the sum of 6,8 mln roubles for 8 months of 2010.

The interior and comfort in rural hospitals have significantly improved over thelast years.

1,483 people work in the system of health care in our district including 208 medical workers of rural hospitals. The number of doctors is 191, including 15 in rural hospitals.

On  1.01 2011 the population of the district is 66,259 people, including 25,891 villagers. Within 8 months of 2010 the natural increase of urban population amounted to -2,03 per 1000, while the natural increase of rural population amounted to  -9,8 per 1000 people.

The first nursing hospital in Brest region has been opened in Bereza district. The system of interaction between health care and social services was worked out based on hospital nursing and there is a possibility of efficient conversion of rural hospitals into the establishment of  social health profile.

In 2010 the central district hospital was replenished with new equipment, which had been purchased through the budget and now it helps to implement and improve new methods of diagnosis and treatment. On August 14,2009 a new medical office of hemodialysis for 6 beds began its work at the central district hospital, 1 extra bed is being deployed. The office works in three shifts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and in 2 shifts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The office serves the population of Bereza, Pruzhany and  Ivatsevichi districts.

Within 8 months of 2010 2 operations on the inipolar hip replacement, 4 operations on interlocking of tibia and femur fractures, all kinds of extramedullary and intraosseous osteosynthesis have been performed. It’s being planned to get electron-optical converter which can improve the quality of the operations performed. it means that patients who were doomed to disability gained a chance to be cured. 1 high-tech surgery operation was performed with the help of specialists from the Republican Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

The list of paid medical services in the healthcare institutions Berezovskaya Central Regional Hospital
1. Spa procedures, speleotherapy massage performed with a recreational purpose.

2. Providing drug treatment anonymously, the medical examination to determine the fact use of  alcohol, drugs, toxic and other funds at the request of citizens.
3. Setting and retrieval of the intrauterine device, except for social reasons.

4. All kinds of checkups.

5. Medical examination of the health status of citizens to obtain permits: acquisition, possession, carrying
weapons and ammunition, the right to drive vehicles, small boats.

6. Providing health and social care in hospitals.

7. Diagnostic activities (ray, laboratory), carried out in the absence of medical indications.

8. Dental care undertaken at the request of citizens, including prosthetics.

9. Immunization at the request of the patient against infectious diseases, not included into the vaccination calendar, approved by the Ministry of Health.

10. Medical services provided to foreign nationals.

11. Carrying out artificial termination of pregnancy (abortion), except for abortions performed for medical reasons, social reasons and minors.

12. Simple and advanced colposcopy in the absence of medical indications (optional citizens).

13. Medical provision of health, sports, popular, cultural and social activities of the linear paramedic ambulance.

14. Stay in the private room superior number 6 in the obstetrics-gynecology department.

Both first medical and specialized medical aids are routinely provided in polyclinic CRP (Central Regional Polyclinic) (Bereza, Lenina str, 1) daily from 8.00am till 8.00pm but for days off and holidays. Emergency is provided round-the-clock by «103» service and supplied in the admission room of hospital CRP(Bereza, Lenina str, 1).