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The state nature protection establishment «Republican biological wildlife preserve"Sporovsky"

The address: 225209, the Brest region, the Bereza, Pushkin's street, 23b
Phone/fax +375 1643 2-22-31

It is formed: on August, 15th, 1991
Coordinates: 52о 23 ’ N, 25 about 20 ’ Е
Site: the Brest region: Berezovsky, Drogichinsky, Ivanovo, Ivatsevichsky districts
The area: 19 384 hectares
Berezovsky – 12 376 hectares
Drogichinsky – 4 282 hectares
Ivanovo – 1 863
Ivatsevichsky – 863 hectares
The status: the Biological wildlife preserve of republican value, since 1999 the Ramsarsky ground. Key ornithological territory
Management: the wildlife preserve Territory is in the property of the state and is rented. Since November, 2005 for management the State nature protection establishment «Republican biological wildlife preserve"Sporovsky"is created

The territory description

In wildlife preserve territory "Sporovsky" there is one of the least transformed inundated bogs in Europe. The wildlife preserve territory is subject to seasonal floodings and represents alluvial plain with lakes, river valleys, terraces and unique mineral islands. Bogs in wildlife preserve territory are located by an integral file (75 % of territory), extended along the river Jaselda on an extent about 35 km. The inundated vegetation is presented basically  by sedge meadows. There are also reed thickets, osier-beds and agricultural pastures. On external edge of a flood plain of the river on heights open spaces and woods are located. The territory is used for mowing and a cattle pasture.
The territory is a key place of nesting of globally threatened kind of birds - Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola). Here the highest in the world density of this kind. Approximately 9 % of the European population of a kind nest in wildlife preserve territory.

In wildlife preserve territory dwelling of 32 kinds of the birds included in the Red book of Byelorussia is registered. Among rare species typical representatives  bogs deserve special attention first of all: the big curlew Numenius arquata, marsh owl Asio flammeus, Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola). The greatest importance of the given marsh complex consists that it is one of the world's largest habitats aquatic warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola) - globally threatened kind of birds of Europe – 1 360 - 2 120 singing males (Kozulin, Flade, 1999) (Ramsarsky criterion 3с), more than 50 pairs globally threatened kind - corncrake, and equated to the given category great snipe – 70 steams. The given territory has also republican value for preservation of populations of such rare species as the big bittern Botaurus stellaris, black stork Ciconia nigra, black morwennol Chlidonias niger.
The wildlife preserve territory supports a rich variety of flora. 18 kinds of plants from Red book.