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Socio-economic development of the district is largely determined by the results of the work of the industrial complex where 32 % of a total number of the population and more than 40 % of the basic means are occupied in the economy which makes a significant part of the productive capacity of the district.  
The district area holds the enterprises responsible for the economic, energy and food safety not only of the district, but of the whole region. More than 65 % of the budget and 50 % of the net profits obtained in the national economy of the district, are formed at the expense of this sector of the economy.   
For the last five years scale projects on modernization, technical re-equipment and implementation of modern quality management methods and forms are realized, which allowed to increase production volume in 2,2 times during the period 2006-2010.
Active investment policy to raise funds for modernization of the manufacture and to release new high-quality products, the introduction of resource-and-energy saving technologies will be continued in the current year.
Production of the enterprises is exported to 24 countries of near and far abroad. Still about 90 % of products sold is delivered to the markets of the Russian Federation, Moldova, Azerbaijan. Besides the development of traditional relation channels we work actively on export diversification. Today we can already speak about the development of such commodity markets, as Austria, Belgium, Georgia, Turkey, Serbia, Romania and the Czech Republic.
Work of an industrial sector is built on the basis of such core enterprises as Open Society « Berezovsky cheese-making plant», Open Society «Berezovsky meat-packing industrial complex», Open Society "Berezastroimaterialy", Open Society «Beloozersk energo-machanical plant».
Open Society «Berezovsky cheese producing industrial complex» - one of the largest cheese producing enterprises of Belarus. The purpose of the enterprise: to produce only natural products; high quality of products; stability and reliability. The enterprise produces more than 160 items of dairy production, among them: rennet cheeses;; melted cheeses, sausage; butters,; ice-cream; mayonnaise; whole-milk production, cottage cheese; glazed cakes; probiotic products: «Aktivyl», "Ideal", "Exotica"; dry whey; whey protein concentrate; the condensed milk: low-fat and 8.5 % of fat content; whole milk substitute (cattle milk replacer). Current quality management system covers all processes of the organization: sales, purchases, designing, working out, manufacture,  quality assurance, etc. At industrial complex constantly are developed and take root mechanisms on improvement of developed and delivered production.
For almost 30-year-old history of Open Society “Berezovsky meat-packing industrial complex” affirmed in the market of the republic and abroad according to the list of the conventional leaders on manufacture of canned meat and sausage products, on working out of new kinds of production and introduction of progressive technologies, application of modern covers and packing materials. The industrial complex takes active part in exhibitions, fairs in Belarus, Russian Federation, the Republic of Poland. It is awarded by numerous diplomas and medals for quality of production. Clients are domestic and foreign partners both in raw materials deliveries, and in goods realization. The assortment of made production at the enterprise makes up more than 300 names. Open Society "Berezovsky МКК" unique in camps of the CIS makes ветчинные the pasteurized canned food. Along with the  development of traditional kinds of production the enterprise release more than 150 names of new kinds of production that allows to satisfy requirements and taste of any customer.
The Main motto workman enterprises: "Quality to product today - our prosperity tomorrow".
OAO "Berezatroymaterialy" produces two types of the building materials:
-bars ceramic:
-bars for internal facing sewer format 200=300 and 250=350 mm(the production power line forms 5,5 mln. m2 per annum);
-the heat-insulating material from mineral cotton wool (320 thous. m3 per annum).
 In 2002 o the technological fracture has approached on the enterprise - was installed high-technology equipment on production of the ceramic bar Italian firm"SACMI".The launch of new line has allowed to enlarge the production power and vastly has upgraded a product. Energy-efficient technology one-shot burning for production of the ceramic bar does the enterprise more hanging from constant growing of the prices on power systems that provides the stability our price politicians for partner. The Enterprise has excellent equiped with laboratory, in which the designer's decisions are born. All novelties of the plant, before start in production, introduce on prestigious international exhibition of the building branch. Due to this effort of the collections harmonious and correspond to both worlds trends, and taste our client. The product of the enterprise is sold under trademark "Bereza Ceramica" and corresponds to the world standard a quality, that means hard observance geometric parameter, the quality of the fixing glaze, the introduction of leading designer's decisions, ecological capacity and reliability. The Product of the enterprise type-approved and correspond to quality as european standard EN 14411-2003,  so and domestic STB 1354-2002, GOST 6787-2001, GOST 30108-94, GOST6141-91. Aside from this, the system of management quality on enterprise corresponds the requirements STB ISO 9001-2001, the system of management environment – STB ICO 14001-2005, managerial system by guard of the labour - STB 18001-2005.
The Open join-stock company "Beloozersk energy mechanical plant" - one of leading enterprise of the energy system on production of the equipment and spare parts for heat, electric, atomic and water-power station. OAO "BEZ" disposes own design and production basis, is licensed Gospromnadzora MCHS Republic of Belarus on designing and fabrication of the equipment, running under pressure: from caldrons with pressure pair not more than 0,07M Pa, water-heating caldrons with the temperature of the water not above 115oC, steam caldrons with pressure before 0,9MPa, steam caldrons with pressure before 30 MPa, water-heating caldrons with calorific power before 209,3 MVt and their element (the furnace device, collectors, shells, bottoms, tube plate
pipe lines pair and hot water). The system of management quality production  of the energy equipment, container, running on pressure pipe line pair and hot water meet the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009. The Constant partners are the most largest enterprises of the Republic of  Belarus, in volume of export dominate the buyers from Russian Federation, countries C.I.S., Balticstates, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Finland, Iran and others. It is safe to say that on length of the row of the years due to untiring labour several generations of the leaders, specialists, the unique projects and decisions  were incarnated in life. Today the industry develops very fast, starts the large investment projects, but unchangeable remains only our devotion to loved deal, responsiveness and understanding the problems partners and customers. All aforesaid allows us to be proud of their own enterprise and certain to peer into tomorrow's day.

Short list of production produced by the enterprises of Bereza district

JSC «Bereza plant of silicate goods»
Silicate blocks, building small blocks 1117-98 of all dimension-types.
+375 1643 5-56-03

JSC «Isolation»
Rooting material: isolation roof (underlayer), polymeric roof (top layer).    
+375 1643 5-23-19

JSC «Teplopribor»    
Labour wheels, electric heaters, electric heating radiators, boilers, industrial ventilators (without engines).    
+375 1643 2-26-93

JSC «Cheese plant»    
Melted cheese, hard cheese, animal oil, whole-milk production, fatless production, dry products, ice-cream, asset.    
+375 1643 2-46-02

(JSC) PRUE «Bereza building materials»    
Facing ceramic wall tile: 200 х 300, 300 х 300. Ceramic tile for floor 300 х 300, is produced on modern equipment of Italian firm “SAKMI”.    
+375 1643 4-30-87

JSC «Motor repair plant»    
Shell, piston, crankshaft – for tractor motors. Repair of combine motors. Rivets, tacks, screw-nuts, bolts.    
+375 1643 4-52-96

RUPE « (Beloozersk) Power mechanical plant»    
Spare parts for electrical equipment: repair of transformers, welding rectifiers. Spare parts for power equipment: draught machines, burners of all types of electrical boilers, gaseous masout, pack of hot and cold layer.    
+375 1643 5-95-64

JSC «Feed mill plant»    
Mixed fodder for pigs, cattle, poultry, calves.    
+375 1643 5-81-89

JSC «Meat plant»    
Tinned meat. Cooked meats: cooked and smoked products, summer products, chicken broiler carcasses. Tinned meat for animals feeding.    
+375 1643 2-32-80, 4-10-34, 4-12-76

PUE «KKP»    
Confectioneries and bakery products, refrigerated meat, smoked products, semi-smoked sausages, cooked-smoked, meat half-finished products, beverage foods.    
+375 1643 4-91-25

JSC JE «Belkelme»    
Man's, women's, children's running shoes, man's, women's walking shoes, football boots, slippers.    
+375 1643 5-94-57

Joint Limited Company «Variant»    
Windows, doors (wooden), joiner's products.    
+375 1643 4-30-14

RUPE «Bereza - tara»    
Metallic lids SКО 58, SКО 82, for children's nutrition PТ–51, varnishing.    
+375 1643 4-90-44

SUPE «Concrete products plant»    
Building facing blocks, paving flag, road and paving border, ready-mixed concrete, concrete fence    
+375 1643 6-15-68

«Frandessa» Co. Ltd    Chemical weed and pest killers    
+375 1643 45251
sales department
+ 375 17 200 09 22

Socio-economic development of the region Berezovsky is largely determined by the results of the industrial complex, which is concentrated almost 40% of the total employed population in the economy, accounting for a significant portion of the productive capacity of the area.

The district focused businesses which depend on economic, energy and food security, not only the area but also the region as a whole. More than 30% of the budget and about 80% of the net profit obtained in the economy of the area is formed by the sector.

Every year, the positive dynamics of development of industrial enterprises, carried out modernization and technical re-equipment of enterprises, attract foreign investment and become involved in the unused area of ​​the turnover.

Production companies are exported to more than 30 countries of near and far abroad. Still more than 90% of products sold is delivered to the CIS, including the Russian Federation - 88%. In addition to the development of traditional ties an active role in export diversification. And today we can talk about the development of such markets as the Netherlands, Vietnam, the United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom.

industrial complex work builds on these core enterprises as JSC "Berezovsky cheese-making plant", JSC "Berezovsky meat-packing plant", JSC "Berezastroimaterialy", JSC "Beloozersk energomehanichensky plant."

    JSC "Berezovsky cheese-making plant" - one of the largest cheese-making enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. The company produces more than 180 types of dairy products, among them:. Semi-hard cheeses, butter, cheese, whole milk products, ice cream, whey, casein, milk replacer, etc. Assortment policy formed the basis of the results of the study of the preferences and tastes of different consumer trends changes in demand. The power plant is currently - processing 800 tons of milk per day. The company has consistently pursued the strategy of introduction of new technologies of milk production and quality management system development. The main segment of the foreign market - Russia. There has been a growth in shipments to the CIS countries (Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan). Also, stable exports to non-CIS countries (Poland, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands). The main export product is a semi-hard cheese.

      In the 30-year history of "Berezovsky meat-packing plant" has established itself in the market of the country and abroad in the list of generally recognized leaders in the production of canned meat and sausage products, to develop new products and the introduction of advanced technologies, the use of modern packaging materials and membranes.
      The plant takes an active part in exhibitions, trade fairs food products in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation. He was awarded numerous diplomas and medals for the quality of products. At present JSC "Berezovsky meat-packing plant" produces about 30 product groups of meat products, which includes a large list of names that caters to the needs and taste of every buyer.
       Stable operation over the years contributed to the correctly chosen strategy of the enterprise - the expansion of both internal and external sales markets by improving the quality, implementation of the technical re-equipment of production, introduction of new technologies and improve on this basis, the competitiveness of products. JSC "Berezovsky meat-packing plant" is the first in Belarus who was able to equip at automated logistics warehouse of finished products with a conveyor system. The most important supply region in the foreign markets - the Russian Federation. The share of exports in total sales of more than 40%.

     JSC "Berёzastroymaterialy" primarily associated with a wide range of ceramic tiles for internal walls and ceramic floor tiles, porcelain tiles (stoneware), ceramic tiles for swimming pools, facade tiles (clinker) and ceramic decorative items. The mission of the company is to offer its customers a unique product - ceramic tile with a unique and fashionable design evolved aesthetics and excellent quality. Annually expanding range of collection ceramic tile, which corresponds to the purpose of satisfying a variety of needs and wishes of our customers. Sale ceramic tile companies under the trade marks «BERYOZA CERAMICA» (BEREZAKERAMIKA) and «BELANI». Production of the plant each year exhibiting at the largest international exhibitions held in the CIS countries and in the European Union. JSC "Berezastroimaterialy" constantly conducts modernization of production, aimed at reducing energy consumption, expanding the range of products, development of new technologies and products.

      JSC "Beloozersk electromechanical plant" - one of the leading enterprises of power system equipment and spare parts for the production of thermal, electrical, nuclear and hydro.
      Currently, the company manufactures boilers proprietary water and steam in the gaseous, liquid and solid fuels. Produced development and manufacturing of fuel equipment (wood chips, sawdust, shavings, milled peat, crushed peat briquette), draft equipment, steel structures, gas-air, air heaters. The company has organized the production of boilers small to medium power for local fuels (6,5-30 tons of steam per hour).
       JSC "BEZ" has its own design and manufacturing capabilities, has a license Gospromnadzor Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus for the design and manufacture of equipment, working under pressure.
       The system of quality management of production of power equipment, vessels, working under pressure, steam and hot water, draft machines, heaters and spare parts, metal steel construction meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 /.

JSC "Bereza Feed Mill" - a specialized company for the production of complete feed and protein-vitamin-mineral additives for poultry, pigs, cattle of all ages, as well as for carp fish. The company has established a progressive equipment, among which stands out the granulation line and a line of expansion of animal feed and for processing of rapeseeds.