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In a wildlife preserve "Sporovsky" the continuous ornithological account is spent


Now in a wildlife preserve "Sporovsky" the continuous ornithological account is spent. This action is directed on monitoring of life of birds of a wildlife preserve in which course the density of kinds feathery, their number becomes known. It is necessary to notice that the continuous account which, by the way, is spent here for the first time, has been divided into two stages. The first stage passed from May, 24 till May, 28th, and the second has begun on June, 3rd and will end on 15th of June. The account is spent together with the European group of the volunteers which head is the representative of the Royal society of protection of birds of Great Britain. Its structure also included experts from the Netherlands, experts of public organization «"Protection of birds of the Native land»». First of all, ornithologists interest a фquatic warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola), corncrake, great snipe, the big bittern, but also other kinds of birds don't remain without attention.

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