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VII Brest Investment Forum


The main Forum goal is to establish the fruitful dialogue between the businessmen, who wish to invest and those who need investments.

Managers and specialists of public administration bodies, scientists of research institutes and institutions of higher education, enterprises directors, foreign experts will participate in this Forum.

The Forum will present the investment projects concerning food industry, innovative technologies, infrastructure, developments of regions and free economic zones. The following questions will be discussed: investment cooperation, effective development of partnership links, establishment of new contacts. The business matchmaking session will be organized to sign protocols, contracts, plans cooperation events.

The participation is free. The applications for participation are submitted to the economy board of Regional Executive Committee by е-mail:, or fax (+375 162) 21 53 90. The filled in Member Questionnaire for each Forum member is to be sent to organizing committee not later April 1, 2014.

All additional information on forum participation you can receive by phone (+375 162) 23 46 21, 23 42 08.

We hope to establish the friendly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We invite you to visit VII Brest Investment Forum!

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