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Head of Bereza District Executive Committee

Leonid Alexeyevich

Phone: (+375 1643) 4-54-37
Reception: (+375 1643) 2-22-50

Provides overall supervision of the district, heads the executive committee.
Issues of economic, political and socio-cultural development of the area.
Provides interaction with Councils of deputies of various levels.
Supervises the implementation of the state personnel policy in area.
Monitors the efficiency of government fiscal policy in the district.


Chairman of the District Council of Deputies

Nikolay Grigorevich

Phone: (+375 1643) 2-21-43
Reception: (+375 1643) 2-31-50

Supervises the work of the District Council of Deputies which is a representative public body in Bereza district and the basic unit of local government. Organizes the work on preparation and covening the sessions of District Council of Deputies.


Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee,
Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food

Alexey Viktorovich

Phone: (+375 1643) 4-56-40
Reception: (+ 375 1643) 4-56-50


Monitors the agro-industrial sector.
Issues of production and processing the agricultural production, forestry and land resources, environmental protection.
Conducts the District Executive Committee management of Agriculture and Food Department.


Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee

Danuta Vladimirovna

Phone: (+375 1643) 2 26 90


Provides the analysis, design and implementation of a common strategy for socio-economic  development of the area.
Supervises industrial sector, the sphere of trade and consumer services, labor and employment, business development.
Conducts economic department, management of labour, employment and social protection (in terms of issues to improve the system of payment and the valuation of labor).


Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee

Vitaly Nikolaevich

Phone: (+375 1643) 2-23-41

Provides leadership and coordination of construction and fuel and energy complex, housing and road infrastructure, transport and communications.
The elimination of the consequences of accidents and natural disasters.
Supervises the activities of departments of architecture and construction, housing and utilities.


The vice-chairman of regional executive committee

Eugene Yakovlevich

Phone: (+375 1643) 4-52-55

Conducts the management of a socio-cultural sector, provides coordination of information and ideological work in the area.
Activities of the public and religious organisations and associations, political parties.
Supervises the activities of the Labour, Employment and Social Protection Executive Committee (in terms of issues of social protection departments of education and culture, ideological work, youth affairs, organizational and personnel work, physical culture, sport and tourism.


Executive Officer of the District Executive Committee

Olga Alekseevna

Phone: (+375 1643) 2-26-41

Coordinates the executive personnel of the District Executive Committee.
Planning issues and compliance with the regulations of the executive committee, record keeping, monitoring the execution of documents.
Coordinates the review of applications of citizens and the implementation of administrative procedures. Supervises the activities of managing the affairs of the District Executive Committee, Department of Civil Registry Office, district archives on staff.